Hi, I'm Drew.

> I make web applications.

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Examples of my work

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Curtin Challenge

Front-end development: React, JSX, HTML, CSS, API design

Curtin Challenge teaches students and prospective students of Curtin University career and leadership skills via an immersive educational experience. Implemented as a sleek, single-page web app, students/players enjoy gamified learning challenges, social interaction between users, and highly interactive 3rd-party educational content.


Full stack (LAMP) web development, system administration, UX/UI design and implementation

Runway is a complete direct marketing CRM handling everything from call center sales to customer service, payment processing, fulfillment, campaign management, and analytics. Key features include:

Technologies used include PHP, Apache, MySQL, Memcached, and NodeJS.

Gif Scrubber

Javascript, image processing, Chrome extension development

Gif Scrubber is fun personal project that adds a gif "player" to Google Chrome. Play gifs fast, slow, or in reverse. Scrub through them with the playhead frame by frame for closer inspection. Explode the gif into individual frames and download them all in a zip file.

Check it out on the Chrome Web Store